Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Top Three Reasons Men Love Sexy Lips

Sexy and attractive, curvy lips on a lady are a huge staple for men who are seeking a relationship with the opposite sex. Lips are a large part of how men view the women that they see walking down the street and more importantly how they are attracted to their external appearance. For men, there is always that one particular woman that they can remember that had those flawless lips. Some people even attribute certain actresses like Angelina Jolie for her flawless, plump pucker that just screams sexiness. However, if there were to be some top reasons as to why men love sexy lips – they would easily fit into the ones that follow.

Top Three Reasons Men Love Sexy Lips
1. Sexy lips mean a hot kiss. Men think about how a woman can kiss when they first meet them and there is romantic interest. Additionally, hot lips mean more men pay attention to you when you are talking.
2. Overall facial attractiveness. The hotter and more attractive that your lips are the more beautiful the rest of your facial features are. Men tend to read beauty from the bottom up – starting with your lips than upwards to your nose, eyes and hair.
3. More noticeable. A woman with attractive lips just tends to stick out of the crowd of others; men take notice to it more.

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