Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bleaching Creams like LumnaSkin Recommended by Experts as best Method of Treating Pigmentation

More doctors and experts are pointing their patients in the direction of easy to use and PROVEN skin bleaching creams as the safest, fastest and most effective way of treating signs of hyperpigmentation.

In a Monday, December 7, 2009 article that was published on the popular online news medium,, entitled, “How to get rid of unsightly age spots,” skin care expert, James M. Spencer, of Spencer Dermatology and Skin Surgery Center in St. Petersburg, suggests using bleaching creams – like SkinPlexin – as the best, and the easiest at-home treatment of common age spots, pigmentation and signs of hyperpigmentation.

The article cites,

“Use bleaching creams: These types of creams take months to work," Spencer says. "Be patient. It will work." The results can be spotty; when applying the cream, try to confine it to the brown spot only, so you don't get a lighter ring. Or try a spot treatment.”

Did you know that countless users rely upon the proven Biowhite bleaching power in Lumnaskin everyday? Did you know that it has been PROVEN to show phenomenal results, no matter what your ethnicity?

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Melissa said...

I have been using the the Lumnaskin serum and cleanser for more than two months with absolutely no improvement at all in my hyperpigmentation.