Thursday, December 17, 2009

More People Turning to Effective, Alternative Cosmetics Like Skinplexin

According to a recent article that was published on, which details the trends in beauty and cosmetics in 2009, and what more consumers will be seeking during the exciting year to come, the number one issue was alternative cosmetics, such as Skinplexin.

Apparently, and not surprisingly, more consumers are getting sick and tired of overpaying for painful cosmetic procedures to treat issues such as scars or stretch marks. Instead, more and more people are turning to the all-natural and proven power of skin creams that work, like all-natural Skinplexin.

The article on Bounty, which was published in mid-December, 2009, offers some predictions on the trends that will take precedence in 2010, specifically detailing why more people will be turning to products like Skinplexin to naturally treat their woes, as opposed to overpaying for plastic surgical procedures.

The article cites,
“Beauty-conscious consumers are set to be able to choose from a wide range of cosmeceuticals next year, or cosmetics that offer some of the same benefits as cosmetic surgery. According to findings from a survey carried out by market analysts Mintel, 2010 will see a trend emerge for beauty products which "capitalise on biochemistry and products which offer cosmetic surgery alternatives". Commenting on this, beauty expert Zara Rabinowicz said that there has been a "sharp rise" in the number of products coming on to the market. She noted that products are also being thoroughly tested by dermatologists and those with a real knowledge of skin. Using make-up and other products could prove to be a good way for cash-strapped women to avoid taking the drastic step to have cosmetic surgery. Ms Rabinowicz noted that since the economic downturn, women have started to cut back on their personal grooming and have learnt it is possible to "look good on a budget.”


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