Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Santa: Please Help me get rid of my Stretch Marks!

Did you know that the US post office still receives million upon millions of letters to the fictitious Christmas effigy that many kids fondly refer to as Santa Clause, or Saint Nick? While that is common knowledge, sometimes it can’t hurt to harbor holiday wishes of your own. Did you also know that during the month of December more babies are born than nearly any other time of the year? Whereas during the earlier months of the New Year that follows, more conceptions are documented than any other time of the year?

When you think about this it actually makes sense. Happy and intimate couples procreate during the earlier parts the year, most often around lover’s holidays, like Valentine’s Day, which generally leads to the completion of gestation near or around the holiday season (November, December and January).

There is no question that the miracle of birth is amazing, especially when it occurs during the holiday season. However, post-pregnancy stretch marks can leave some unsightly and undesirable side effects that can really linger, and in some cases all the way up until the following holiday season, or longer.

While we are not St. Nick or some magical creature, we can provide you with a natural product that can easily minimize the appearance of your stretch marks.

It’s the number one, PROVEN, all-natural stretch mark treatment cream in the world!

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